On October 31, 2013, Obed experienced a breach of a containment pond that led to the release of process water into the nearby river system. Sherritt led the initial response, and – since the closing of the transaction – Westmoreland has been working with consultants, regulators, First Nations, community groups, and other stakeholders on response and remediation activities that aim to return impacted area to pre-incident conditions. While no longer the owner of Obed, Sherritt retains the ultimate responsibility for all commitments and obligations resulting from the incident.

Extensive, multi-year studies have confirmed that there are no lasting impacts to the Athabasca River or its fish populations. The focus today is on the rehabilitation of the upper 4km of the Apetuwon Creek. Applications and corresponding Approvals to execute the rehabilitation of the Apetuwon Creek have been received and rehabilitation activities are underway.

Progress reports on Remediation efforts are located under Remediation Updates, current Monthly Plans and Monitoring information can be found under Plans & Reports.