Long Term Sampling and Monitoring Plan Updated and Submitted to Regulator

  • CVRI has updated the Long Term Sampling and Monitoring Plan and submitted the following updates to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) on January 15:
    • Updated Solids Recovery Report
    • Updated Impact Assessment Report
    • Updated Human Health Risk Assessment
  • These documents can be found on the Plans & Reports page
  • Data collection for the Wildlife Mitigation Plan continues and is reported on in the updated Impact Assessment Report
  • Initial findings for 2015 related to the Fish Sampling and Monitoring Plan are also reported on in the Updated Impact Assessment Report
  • CVRI will continue to analyze 2015 data collected under the regulator-approved plans

Our Response Effort

We will ensure we understand and address the cause and any impacts of the incident as thoroughly and quickly as possible. We are committed to keeping the community well informed of our progress.