Information Update

Sediment Path Tracking

Most recently reported location: The front of the sediment path was observed today 91km north (downstream) of the town of Athabasca.


We have completed a substantive amount of testing between the containment pond and the point of entry of the release into the Athabasca River (approximately 26 km) including:

  • A full suite of water testing which assesses sediment load, metals content and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Soil, vegetation, wildlife and fisheries testing
  • A full suite of sediment testing which examines the chemical composition of the sediment and its particle breakdown



We have installed structures to help reduce sediment in the affected tributaries and we are developing additional plans for sediment control.

Working in consultation with geotechnical experts, we have repaired the breached pond and installed a pond monitoring system to ensure that no additional release of water and sediment occurs.

Long Term

Plans are currently underway to design the remediation of land and the two creeks in the affected area. Once testing is fully complete and the plans are approved by the regulators, work will commence.