Information Update

Plume location

Most recently reported location: The front of the sediment plume is located 50 kilometres north of Pelican Rapids (as of the helicopter monitoring of 3 p.m. on November 17th).  Data Sonde stations have been set up in three locations to monitor sediment under the ice.  See more information below.


We are in continuous dialogue with the regulator regarding remediation plans and actions.

Personnel and equipment have been mobilized and are working as circumstances allow and as approvals come in.

Plans for winter work are underway and will include remediation of the impacted zone in the Upper Apetowun Creek area. This work cannot begin until frozen conditions exist as this will minimize further impacts to the environment.

Testing and analysis

Visual monitoring of the sediment in the Athabasca River will become limited as the river freezes and as the plume moves north.  Sediment dispersion, location and dilution will be monitored under the ice.  A recent development is the addition of three water monitoring stations at Muskeg, Firebag and Old Fort. Alberta Environment also has three of these stations at different locations north of the current location of the sediment.

Cameras have been installed to monitor wildlife in the creek area.  Ongoing assessment will contribute to the understanding of any impact to wildlife.