Information Update

Plume location

Most recently reported location: No visual inspection could be done today as the river has started to freeze. The sediment under the ice is monitored by data sonde equipment as it continues its path downstream.  It is expected to arrive in Fort McMurray between Nov 21 and 23 and Fort McKay Nov 24 and 25.

Yesterday, November 19th, Sherritt issued a news release indicating that:

  • To date, comprehensive daily water sampling collected by environmental specialists indicate that the sediment in the Athabasca River poses no risk to human health or safety.
  • Initial remediation efforts are already underway in the field.
  • We are committed to delivering on all orders issued by ESRD.

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD) issued an environmental protection order. This order, among other things, requires the company to develop and implement assessment, management and remediation plans relating to the impact of the release.

The Government of Alberta also issued the results of their water quality testing, which determined that the release did not pose any immediate risk to human health.