Information Update

Continuous, real-time measurements of water turbidity indicate that the sediment path dissipated as it approached Fort McMurray and Fort MacKay. Turbidity is a measurement of the clarity of the water, which is an indication of the particulates in the water. Turbidity measurements show a continuous and rapid decline from the incident site through to the current location. Readings now appear to be reaching normal seasonal levels. There is always some natural background turbidity in the river, due to the normal flow of particulates in the Athabasca River and its tributaries.

  • As the sediment path approached Fort McMurray, the local water treatment plant briefly closed its intake in order to sample water quality within the Athabasca River. The water intake was reopened shortly afterwards when sampling confirmed normal levels. Based on the sampling completed within the Athabasca, Fort Chipewyan does not expect to close its water intake.
  • Daily detailed water quality testing continues in the Plante and Apetowun Creek areas, as well as in the Athabasca River near the remediation activities. Data sondes also remain in place at various points along the Athabasca River to provide continuous, real-time turbidity measurements.
  • Activities continue at site regarding assessment, remediation and work with the regulator on the Environmental Protection Order.
  • Workers continue to collect any sediment deposited in the delta where the Plante Creek enters the Athabasca River.