Activities advance towards next stages of evaluation and remediation

  • Remediation at the delta where the Plante Creek enters the Athabasca River was undertaken and a review of the site has been carried out. The area will be evaluated in the spring to determine what additional work is required.
  • Remediation efforts continue near the main pond to repair surface erosion caused by the downhill flow of the release to the Apetowun Creek.
  • Planning for remediation is ongoing. Surveys are being carried out to determine the best access points for crews and equipment on the Plante and Apetowun Creeks. Remediation activities throughout the winter months will concentrate on sediment deposited along the creeks, including in banks, eddies and the shoreline.
  • The first five kilometres of the Apetowun Creek will be targeted where the release overflowed the natural banks and deposited sediment.
  • A site tour was conducted at Obed for representatives from local First Nations.
  • Work continues on impact assessments, next-stage remediation activities, and the finalization of short, medium and long-term monitoring plans.