Winter activities adjust to weather conditions; additional remediation work to begin in near term

  • The ice conditions at six water monitoring sites on the Athabasca River near the Obed Mountain Mine are being monitored on a daily basis, with sampling being adjusted for winter flooding and unsafe ice cover. A seventh location has recently been added to the rotation and will be sampled going forward.
  • Preparations for winter remediation work around the Plante and Apetowun creeks are being finalized and activities are expected to commence once approvals are granted by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) and the Alberta Energy Regulator. The focus will be on recovering and capturing sediment deposited in and along both creeks.
  • A new data sonde has been installed just downstream of the Obed Mountain Mine to provide continual, real-time turbidity readings.
  • Additional training programs on water sampling have been provided  to third-party field consultants that will further strengthen the monitoring program near the Obed Mountain Mine.
  • As part of the ongoing water management program at the mine site, an ice drilling program was completed on the main pond to monitor the depth of water.
  • All of the initial plans required under the Environmental Protection Order were submitted as required. Sherritt continues to work with representatives from ESRD to incorporate feedback and to prepare medium and long-term plans.