Preparations finalized for winter remediation work; approvals granted for access to creeks

  • Independent experts are conducting a comprehensive review of the water quality, soil and sediment data for the current monitoring program.
  • A site tour was recently conducted for representatives of the University of Alberta and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD).
  • Activities continue in preparation for winter remediation work, and certain approvals have been granted for locations along the Plante and Apetowun Creeks. Winter field work is anticipated to commence shortly, with a focus on recovering sediment and constructing sediment traps, in advance of spring run-off.
  • Reconstruction of an erosion channel created by the release is completed. This effort involved re-sloping and stabilizing the earth, and installing rock checks for sediment control.
  • An additional sediment sampling program along the Apetowun Creek was conducted, and the samples are currently being analyzed by a third-party laboratory.
  • Feedback has been provided by AESRD on certain plans submitted under the Environmental Protection Order. This feedback will be incorporated into the final versions for approval, and dialogue on planning continues with AESRD.