Spring/summer monitoring and assessment underway; Final Impacts Report being prepared

  • Sampling and monitoring have returned to spring/summer requirements, as outlined in the Long Term Sampling and Monitoring Plan for 2015.
  • A Sediment Trap Evaluation Report was submitted on March 26 and is available here.
  • Evaluation of the ice and flow conditions are being completed to identify when silt curtains should be deployed in approved sediment traps.
  • The Final Impacts Report, submitted in May 2014, is being updated and will be resubmitted to the AER on May 15th.
  • This report will include updated Fish Sampling and Monitoring, Impacts Assessment, Wildlife Mitigation, and Remediation plans.
  • An updated Human Health Risk Assessment Report will also be submitted as part of this report. Based on data interpretation to date, adverse effects have not been indicated for the scenarios evaluated.
  • Reporting documents continue to be posted on the Obed website on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. See reports: Plans & Reports and Data Collection.