Human Health Risk Assessment, Impact Assessment Report and Remediation Activities Report and Plan now available on Obed website

  • An updated human health risk assessment was reviewed by Alberta Health, comments have been incorporated and it is now posted on the Obed website. Based on data interpretation to date, no adverse effects are predicted for the scenarios evaluated.
  • Visual inspections are being carried out on sediment traps, silt curtains and streams. A work plan is under developed to remove sediment from these locations, which will be sampled and recorded. The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) monitors results.
  • A site inspection under the Environmental Protection Order (EPO) was carried out by the AER on April 21, 2015.
  • An additional sampling program was completed on ponds that discharge into Baseline Creek.
  • The latest Impact Assessment Report has been released and indicates no residual, measurable effects on water or sediment quality in Obed area creeks or the Athabasca River. The report also notes that re-vegetation and weed control measures will assist in vegetation recovery; that wildlife surveys have confirmed the presence of mammals, carnivores, hares and rodents; and that the release had measurable but minor effects on fish and fish habitat in upper Apetowun Creek (now stabilized or partially recovered).
  • A comprehensive update on remediation activities carried out between November 2013 and August 2014 is available in the Remediation Activities Report and Plan. This document also contains descriptions of ongoing fieldwork.
  • Sampling and monitoring programs are ongoing as per the Long-Term Sampling and Monitoring Plan spring / summer EPO requirements.
  • Reporting documents continue to be posted on the Obed website on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. See documents: Plans & Reports and Data Collection.